Visiting Mayong Village Bali – Walking Trip

Mayong Rice Field Walking Tours

It is our pleasure to welcome you on a Walking Trip to MAYONG Village in exploring the natural beauty and traditional Balinese life. Mayong is a small village which is located among the rice terraces, tropical fruit trees and geographically situated with plateaus, valleys and natural atmosphere of the tropical countryside. The villagers keep their traditional way of life which can be seen from their ways in farming on the rice terraces, cattle breeding, growing fruits, vegetables and daily routine of offerings and ceremonies which are based on Balinese Hindu philosophy. Historically, Mayong village still has unique historical relics and some forms of sarcophagi which are stone staircase as a place of worship to God. Eco & Green Tourism is a Motto of developing Village Tourism in Mayong.

Trekking in Mayong is not just a usual Trek but it is also a Social Trip in which during the Trek , the guests are also invited to do social activities and care , environmental preservation or even make a visit to poor families or disabled people and share happiness with them. By doing so, a very warm welcome will be waiting for you. Anyway, Mayong Trek offers some routes of Easy and Hard or Challenging ones that Hikers can choose to meet their comfort and convenience. Some information will be given in brief before starting the Trek served by our skillful and professional Trekking Guides.

Mayong Rice Field walking tour that lasts for 3 hours will take you through to the amazing panorama of the landscape with the tropical fruit plantations and the Rice terraces. You will be able to observe the local Balinese people cultivate their farms in their traditional daily way of life in the countryside.
This Walking Tour will be followed by the option of Balinese Lunch that serves many kinds of Local dishes. This will give you an excellent Balinese Lunch Experience.

Description of the trek:

The best time to do the trek: It is recommended to do Village Trek during dry season to make sure that the routes are not slippery. It is the best time to start the trekking trip at around 08.00-10.00 a.m.

Things to bring: Hat, Walking Shoes, Sun Lotion, Body Spray/Repellent.

Amenities served: Fruits, Drinking Water, Tissues, Fresh Coconut, Walking Stick, First Aids.

Inclusion of the Trip: Guide, Donation/Entrance Fee, Porter, Fruits, Drinking Water, Tissue, Fresh Coconut in which Meals are provided based on the Package.

Things to do and see: when you arrive, you will be welcomed, served to proceed to your registration, given a useful briefing and accompanied to do light stretching. Then you will be guided to observe the traditional way of life of the local Balinese people, Tropical Fruits and Plants, Traditional Irrigation System called “Subak” and to enjoy the wonderful panorama of the Rice Terraces.

The following are the Cost and the general itinerary for Mayong Hidden Village Tours. It is guaranteed that you will get more than what you have paid for this Experience. Not many people know about this Village, so that we call Mayong Village as a Hidden Paradise Village in Bali.


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