Challenging Mount Agung Sunrise Trekking

Mount Agung Sunrise Trekking with Local Guide


One of the Best Things to do in Bali

Firstly, Let us thank you so much Bali Jungle Trekking community for this amazing experience! During our stay in Bali this year, we decided to climb the highest mountain in Bali with Bali Jungle Trekking community. The community has excellent guides and drivers. The guides and drivers are very experienced and speak English fluently. The local guide who has accompanied us was very helpful and considerate on the way up and down. He showed us where to step at difficult spots, gave us enough breaks, fun to chat with and loved to sing to keep our minds off the hard parts of the trekking trip.

  mount-agung-baliCommunication with Bali Jungle Trekking before the trekking trip was perfect. We got a quick response to my booking email and advices on what to bring and how to prepare. The pickup was also on time. Some cookies and breakfast on the summit with hot tea, head lamps and one walking stick were included as well.


We decided on the alternative route to the real summit which started at ”Pura Pasar Agung”. This route is shorter than the one from “Pura Besakih” and starts already on 1,500 meters high. (while “Pura Besakih” is on 1,000 meters). So, it is 1,600 meters to the peak of Mount Agung. Then, this route is preferably recommended for us.


Well, now about the trekking. We started our hiking journey at midnight. It took us four hours to the summit with altogether one hour break in between. It was very challenging indeed. However, if you are an experienced hiker in high mountain range, it should not be a problem.


Anyway, please do definitely come prepared: real hiking boots are a must and we preferred 2 walking sticks, especially for the climb down. The first half of the trail is very good – the same trail than the one to the crater rim. When we reached at 2,500 meters, there was a junction where we turned left to reach the summit. The trail got narrow then with many boulders to climb and debris. The last 200 meters are really very steep and hardly a trail at all anymore. There are way marks but in the darkness it would be nearly impossible to find the trail without an experienced local guide here!


The views at the summit are absolutely breathtaking! 360° – we could see all of Bali (be reminded that it is not possible at the crater rim) and the sun rises just above Lombok island with its even higher mountains there. A very unforgettable experience! And only a few people at the top at that time (there were 9 of us), especially in low season of the year.


Last but not least: you ought to bring warm clothes! With a fleece and a wind stopper jacket it was still freezing on the summit. Even though it maybe only 10 degrees, you are not used to it compared to the humid hot temperature of Bali Island. Or clothes to change are also important because you will be sweat-soaked. Be warned for this!


Overall, this sunrise trekking in Mount Agung was definitely the highlight of our whole Bali trip. It is an experience you should not miss! And Bali Jungle Trekking community will make it even more special and exciting!


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